About the WIS system

The technique of our instruction and tour systems are based on licensing free frequencies and can therefore be used everywhere without any problems.

We supply two directional systems and a duplex (two-way) system.
The one-way system gives an instructor or guide the ability to give 1 to an unlimited number of participants discreet and clear information or instructions.

Our duplex or two-way systems offer the possibility to talk back and forth between guide or instructor and people who are instructed.

 instructeur of gids naar deelnemers 


Example of a one way system:

One transmitter and multiple receivers
sure example: one transmitter and multiple receivers

Guide that speaks to a group of visitors.
Interpreter translates message from floor language to foreign language.
Presenter speaks with people who are hearing impaired.
Audio description describes scene for visually impaired or blind people.
Trainer giving instruction to rider.
Commentator silently commenting to spectators during a sporting event.
Silent conference breakout meetings in exhibition spaces.


meerdere instructeurs of gidsen naar verschillende deelnemers

Example a one way system with different instructors or guides:

With the WIS systems it is of course possible to provide different groups at the same time with information. The systems have multiple channels and can therefore provide several groups with instructions or explanations on different channels.