Company tours

The WIS is also very suitable for company tours. Think, for example, of a tour of the factory and / or a tour of the office part of the building.

Factory tour

Companies like to lead their guests around the factory to introduce them to the products and the method they use to manufacture a product. In factory halls there is often a lot of noise from machines. At such a moment the WIS communication system offers a solution. A representative or supervisor of the customers can take the customers in a direct and clear way through the factory hall. He no longer has to raise his voice, he can tell his story more clearly than ever and customers receive all the information, because they can understand the supervisor loud and clear.

compose a tour system

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WIS basic tour system for groups.

consists of:

transmitter (for the guide)

receiver (s) for the listener *


earpiece *


storage case (s)

* depending on the number of listeners