Voordelen communicatiesystemen scheidsrechters

Make decisions faster and more accurately

Of the referees who already use the communication system at the moment, 90% think they make more correct decisions. A majority of 60% also indicates that they make faster decisions.

What does it deliver to the referee?

Referees who participated in the investigation themselves saw the following advantages:
Fast and direct communication with fellow referees
The arbitration team can support / coach each other during the match
The team can make decisions about more game situations during the game
Radiating more authority / professionalism


Referee couples

Almost all participants (more than 95%) say that using an earpiece contributes to their own development as a referee. An even higher percentage (97%) sees added value for the development of so-called referees' couples. Collaboration with fellow referees and other officials improves through fast and direct communication. Referees also see this in the training of starting colleagues. The communication system helps to give recruits 'in the moment' targeted feedback